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Server updates?

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Well , you can start by making the balance better. (Damage boss of mage is bad, pvp is bad with all these healings can fight forever,only way to die is by lucky paralyze)
You added when? I play this server for about 4 months now there is nothing new.
Then add more systems that can be fun there are a thousand ideas out there.

Achievement system with stats as rewards.
New area harder than extreme with new farm items for last tier set /weapon .
REMOVE god items .
Make a new area , that is harder than extreme , as last zone, then add new items for that area.
Increase enchant rates by 5%
Add at least 1 hero buff.
Fix hard freya boss(currently is too hard and drops are sheet)
Change sora(shipping agent) boss to something better this is pointless to farm.
I have way more ideas but you have to fix what is already inside and then add more.

See my other topics..

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